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What are the most important skills in soccer?

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

While each great player has their own unique playing style, attributes, and skill set,

there are some crucial soccer skills that every player needs to master.

If you can manage to master all of them, you'll certainly take your game to the next level and be the best possible player you can be.⁠

1. Ball Control & First Touch

A good first touch allows you to play the ball quickly, shield the ball, beat players on the dribble, and score goals. If you’re constantly controlling the ball too close to you, and you’re on top of the ball, then you’re bound to lose the ball and not get the pass, shot or cross off in time as the defenders close you down. Or, your first touch is so poor it’s too far away and a defender can win it when they close you down.


  • Move into position to intercept the ball early.

  • Select the controlling surface early and place it in the ball’s path.

  • Stay balanced using the arms.Watch the ball carefully to judge its direction and speed.

  • Keep the head steady.Be relaxed.


Many factors go into passing the ball accurately.Players need to take into account the opposition players, the distance,the speed at which their teammate is running, and a bunch of other essential things that will influence the pass.


Spatial awareness is a critical aspect of positioning.You should always know where your nearest opponent is, as this impacts how you receive and control the ball since you’ll know how much time you have to get rid of the ball.